Sheniece Wallace, is serving as the founder of our board and head of social media. She currently serves as Vice- President on House of Gem, Inc. She is also the assistant lead intercessor of Christ Community Church of Harlem. She is a devoted Christian woman and entrepreneur; inspired by her own transformation story as well as other women she is connected to daily. Sheniece, believes that there is a Christ identity and there is a Choice to follow our saviors lead. She has chosen to walk the path that Christ has carved out for her and wants to see others embark upon the journey that will only lead to eternal life in Christ, while fulfilling their destiny on earth.



Vivene Heron, serves as the Vice President for Chosen faces. She has attained the highest degree in religious studies, a Master of Theology. She is currently a business owner, an active member of Higher Dimension church, and is a devoted Christian woman. Vivene was a teen mom who has become a passionate advocate for teenage girls, instilling in them the hope of a wonderful and exciting future in Christ, as she has experienced for so many years. 



Natalie Jones is serving as the secretary on the Board of Directors of Chosen Faces. She has served as a secretary in both school and church committees. Natalie is the mother of one son, whom she strives to inspire through her lifestyle in Jesus Christ. Natalie is committed to the mission and instills her expertise, training, and transparency into everything she does with Chosen Faces. She hopes and believes that Chosen Faces will touch the lives of women across the globe as we share the love of God together.



"Jillian Marie, M.Ed is an Educator, Speaker, and the Founder of The Purpose Flight Club. She created and founded The Purpose Flight Club because she wanted to expose young people to a world outside of their own normal routine in order to help them refocus, relax, reflect, and connect to their purpose and endless possibilities. She is passionate about being a creative facilitator. She loves thinking, brainstorming, and creating a space for young people to flourish.


As a Speaker and Educator, Jillian Marie is dedicated to building what she needed as a youth for others, and what her students need as the generation of creatives. She has eleven years in the Education field as an English teacher, Dean of School Culture, and Instructional Coach. During that journey she learned that she was passionate about being a purpose pusher, a creative facilitator, and motivating her students and her colleagues to be the best version of themselves. It is Jillian Marie’s passion and goal to help people discover that they’re created for a purpose and that it should be their personal mission to discover that purpose and fulfill their purpose."







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