Sheniece Wallace, is serving as the founder and president of Chosen Faces, Inc. In addition, she handles our social media and oversees all finances with the executive board. 

Sheniece, graduated from Liberty University with a masters degree in Theology in 2018. She is an ordained minister with six plus years experience in serving in ministry as an intercessor, assistant armor bearer to previous Pastors, facilitating women events for empowerment by the leading of the Holy Spirit. She has also served as, Vice President to House of Gem, Inc. in within her ministry experience. As a wife, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. Sheniece, is more passionate about serving and building the Chosen Faces community to advocate to those that have experienced traumatic past, healing and true transformation is complete through the belief and power of Jesus Christ. 


Vivene Jackson, serves as the Vice President Chosen Faces. She has attained the her degree in religious studies a Master of Theology. She is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of 4 children, and a devoted Christian dedicated to do the work of the Kingdom. As a overcomer, of becoming a teenage mother and had to face many trials and triumphs. She is dedicated to serving women of all ages through wisdom and the word of God. Her story of transformation helps to bring enlightenment for those on the journey of healing.  

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Gladylor Duval, is currently serving on the Board of directors for Chosen Faces as the secretary.  Gladylor is a graduate of Long Island University with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Gladylor has a long background in non for profit and community building. Gladylor, love for God has always shown up in her work and lifestyle. One of her goals is to inspire those she interacts with, especially the youth to live for Christ.